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Creating a Ripple in Mind & Music

Be transported in alternate realities with the ancestral voices and electronic soundscapes of DMTFM


Few musicians are establishing themselves in the world of music like the  DMTFM Project. A passionate duo who love the freedom in expression started DMTFM which takes listeners on a compelling journey of mystical thoughts and emotions with every new creation. 2018 has brought a third member in which sealed the base of their group from duo to trio. Get to know the artists behind the music and check out the latest recordings, events, and more.


Music Everyone’s Curious About

DMTFM has inevitably tapped in to synchronicities and engaged in sacred flow to get to where they are now. Their music style is otherworldly, and they’re only getting started.

DMTFM is a music project initiated by two untamable artists, Tikal de Meru and Craigus McVegas, who recently invited Agustian Supriatna to complete the foundation of their temple. Tikal is a mystical vocalist who layers her sacred instrument to create astonishing ancient and emotive vocal realms, while playing with native drums and other exotic instruments. Craigus reinforces Tikal's rituals with mystical soundscapes, looping analog synths, guitars and Himalayan bells. Last but not least, Agustian, a multi-instrumentalist and compelling singer as well, specialising in bamboo flute and exotic string instruments. Together their music is like being blessed by giant benevolent beings in a deep canyon on a twilight sky with auroras kissing your soul. Let your body be rocked by the music that inspired legends.

Owe it to Music

Welcome to DMTXperience and DMTFM! 
A.S.K. & You Shall Receive contemplation concerts and Sound Temples!

Come find the surreal in one of our events, experience an art-form of communication known not by those who choose to see a square when looking at a square. Travel with us in exploring the realms of mystical symbols and the hyper conductive logical perceptions!

Music That Grips The Ancient Soul

A cathartic sound kitchen serving pentatonic delights with soaring vocals echoing from distant ancient temples and underground garage drones. Tikal and Agus deliver messages of self love wrapped in a fearless emotional bouquet marinated in the sonic concoction of Craigus' magnetic beats, creating torrential pulsating sounds in experimental alchemy.

Summoning life's magic from her soul, Tikal taps into ley lines of ancestral voices and shines light through with unedited wisdom about sovereignty and inclusiveness. To portray the balance between fierce love and surrendered vulnerability, she speaks and sings to the inextinguishable tales of humans' gift of feeling. In meeting Craigus' savvy craft and experience in music, and accompanied or beautifully led by the Agustian muse and his native percussion rhythms, the foundational nest for such untamable expression has been created and ushers any one to walk through a door of unconventional experiences with gripping bass, hypnotic beauty and graceful power.

A.S.K. DMTFM to bring music and art to Festivals around the surface of the Earth, playing a new kind of ethno cinematic tribal electronic music.

Brains of Synch

Tikal de Meru is of Sulawesian and French decent, her mountain is Krakatau volcano and is now a catalytic intuitive vocalist diving deep in music as medicine from the Shire of Byron, Australia, and from the medicine waters of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia.

Transcending times spent with shamanistic peoples of South East China and Peru back in 2006, Tikal was inspired by their ceremonial ways. She's travelled to meet with mediums in Zimbabwe, sitting in their rituals and family reunions to pay homage. She was raised in the fringes of the mystical Javanese culture listening to pentatonic music prayers. Immersing ears and soul in great teachings of spirit drummers helped fire up her gifts. She now gives voice circles in Australia, America, Asia and Europe. Through these circles she guides all people, both established singers and first timers to re-turn to their intuitive voice and awaken to their potentials, strengthen their self sovereignty while creating devotional - tribal and yogic music for beauty, healing, transformation and ecstasy.

Craigus McVegas who also travels the world, is of Celtic decent. He was born in Aotearoa, grew up in the Caribbean and has been creating music since the age of 5 using keys, strings, drums, and voice. Since moving to Australia, he has performed at festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Earth Freq, Earthcore, and Maitreya, while researching geophysics and ecosystem science at the University of Melbourne. Craigus has collaborated with many artists and created a large collection of music during his travels and work in Nepal, India, Afghanistan, Jordan, Korea, Japan, Eastern Europe, Cuba, Honduras and USA. He is currently programming a tour with 50 artists to Mongolia and we hope Egypt.

He creates a bed of tantalizing drones, mind boggling soundscapes, and delicious beats for your reflection and indulgence.

Agustian Supriatna, the cherry and topping of this succulent serving, is a Sunda-Javanese, Bugis descent artist and musician with great intuitive learning & teaching talents and a pleasant personality that equals a little buddha, with a twist. Ubud is his home and place of creation where paintings and instruments ooze out of his walls. He plays the Ngoni, makes his own Bansuri flutes and plays other exotic string instruments never seen before by the greater public. Agustian offers sound healings to retreats and travels the world to complete his ever growing collection of sound medicine instruments. His art is sold all the way to Iceland and Germany and soon the entire world. He picks special bamboo in his home land and builds his own instruments.  A true little king in the land of humility.

Craig and Tikal have met at Newkind Festival in 2017 and Agustian and Tikal are old friends from Bali.